Care for your 48North Bag like a friend.

Some words for the wise. When your bag gets wet, always let it dry completely before storing it in a closed space. Never put your wet canvas bag in a plastic bag, or in a closed space like a closet or trunk of a car for more than a few hours. DO NOT (never ever) throw it in a laundry dryer! You may not recognize it when you take it out. And that’s a sad thing for a bag this nice. Or a friend.


Pretty simple. Water from a hose or your shower and a soft brush or damp cloth works wonders for cleaning heavy dirt from our waxed canvas bags.

For spot cleaning stubborn stains, we recommend mild bar or flake soap (NOT detergent). Saddle soap will also remove stubborn stains. Be sure to test these cleaning methods in an inconspicuous spot before trying it on highly visible place.

Things NOT to do (the big NO-NOs)

-       DO NOT Dry-Clean

-       DO NOT Wash in a Washing Machine. Fatal wounds to the waxed canvas are guaranteed.

-       If you run into a problem you can't solve, please send us a message from our Contact page—we’re here to help!

Restoring Water Repellent Finish

With time and use, the water repellent qualities of waxed canvas of your 48North bag can diminish. Not to worry. The good news is that you can restore the fabric to its original finish at home.

Here's a good refinishing guide:
Archival Clothing has a great refinishing guide on their website.

Be sure to read the comments, there's some good information there!